foreign language?

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foreign language?

Postby creekmama » Thu Apr 18, 2013 1:45 pm

Ds 9 will be moving on to Preparing and a 4-day schedule in the fall, so I'm thinking of using that day for catching up and Spanish. My goal for Spanish is that he be able to communicate and share the gospel with Spanish speakers in our own community and in Latin America (my husband and I have a growing love for Puerto Rico!).

So what Spanish curricula have you used? Although I am not a Spanish speaker, I certainly can teach introductory Spanish (I had great Spanish teachers when I was young, and my husband and I are relearning with Rosetta Stone). Need to keep things pretty simple. Dd6 will have a regular school day, but I'll bet she'll want to do a little Spanish, too!

Thanks, ladies!
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