? about DITHOR..., (using it in a co-op)

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? about DITHOR..., (using it in a co-op)

Postby MamaMary » Sat May 10, 2008 5:31 pm

Right now I am thinking I would like to teach a class for 6-12th graders. Since none of them have ever used this program should I start them in the 4/5. (placement says 4/5 if they've never used DITHOR before)

Also, what should I assign as homework and what should we do in class?

I mean I can see how it would work with my own children. I see them everyday and can work with them, but what about kids I am only seeing once a week?

Any idea's or tips that you think would make the class more fun?

Mary, (AKA Betty, who needs to talk this out /loves feedback:wink: )
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