Can you combine read alouds??

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Can you combine read alouds??

Postby momof3kids » Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:45 am

Hi all!
We are looking ahead to our next year...will probably start mid July...
I will have 12yo son in MTMM
10 yo son in Res to Ref
7yo daughter ( will be 8 in Sept) finishing up Beyond now
4 yo so (will be 5 Sept) in LH now
My question you ever combine any of the Storytime books just to save time?? Mainly talking about the middle 2, it can be difficult to get it all in now. Looking ahead to next year, I would want to start doing more with my just concerned going forward.

I have even considered waiting to start Bigger with my daughter until next year...just to avoid have her in Preparing and the little in Little Hearts and the same time (it seems a bit overwhelming thinking about getting all their time in, and keeping my older 2 in check!)

My older two are getting more independent, but still requires time to check and do math together, etc.

I would love any suggestions going forward!
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Re: Can you combine read alouds??

Postby Robbi » Thu Apr 18, 2019 11:15 am

Starting in about the middle of Preparing my older 2 have read their own storytime. So that may be an option for you too. Or doing it in the evening after littles have gone to bed??
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