Please share your experiences with us.

If you are using "Bigger Hearts for His Glory", please share your experience with us.

Please share your experiences with us.

Postby Carrie » Sat Aug 25, 2007 2:30 pm

If you are using "Bigger Hearts for His Glory", please share your experiences with us. It will be such an encouragement for other homeschool parents to hear from you, and it will be especially helpful for those who are prayerfully considering whether Heart of Dakota is well-suited for their family.
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Re: Please share your experiences with us.

Postby tlb81003 » Mon Jan 13, 2014 6:34 pm

This page was posted so long ago by Carrie but I thought I would post here.
I am SO thankful for HOD this year. Thankful that God is faithful. I have homeschooled Jonathan and Emma since the get go. When Jonathan was ready to begin K, Emma was also ready so we formally began. We used MFW for the first 3 years and while the first 2 were enjoyable the 3rd year took its toll on the children and I. By December of '11 I was in tears, beginning to fear for my children's education, disappointed that the love, the sparkle, the thirst and the joy of education had left all of us. It had become something that we "had" to do but not something we wanted to do. We dutifully finished up our 3rd year with the help of other sources but I knew that change had to take place. Oh did I worry. My poor husband heard so much repeated over and over and over again. He had faith in me and believed that all would be well. He has always been supportive of this journey Praise God!
I had looked at HOD over the years. While the oldest was 3 I was looking at HOD. I actually purchased Little Hands and then gave it to a girl friend. I thought that it just wasn't for us. I didn't realize that my sweet boy just wasn't ready. He was just that. A sweet little boy that would be ready in his own time. At any rate. No matter how late I stayed up scouring the internet and looking at curriculum catalogs, my heart was drawn to HOD. I disliked the idea of American History again. DD loves Ancient History. Through prayer and in my heart I knew that Bigger Hearts was where we needed to be.
Why oh why did I ever hesitate learning American History with my kiddos this year?! Yes, learning with my sweet children. We are half way through Bigger and I continue to see changes in my children. I was blessed to see the heartache my daughter felt when she realized that Thomas Jefferson did not truly believe God and his plan of Salvation. I say "blessed" because it gave me a glimpse of her heart. A heart that longs to see others, including the great men in our history, spend their eternity with our Father.
I appreciate the flexibility of HOD. We easily use a different math program (what we were using is working son continually asks for more worksheets.....I'm not going to try and "fix" something that does not need fixing) and I've been able to delay Dithor with both of them. I will begin with DS as soon as we order the workbook. Emma (being a girl I suppose) has better handwriting and wanted to learn Cursive. Jonathan was a different story. I now need to order him a workbook.
During the course of the first half of Bigger I have seen my children grow and change. They are beginning to take initiative for some of the boxes (like knowing that cursive needs to be done and getting doing it on her own while I tend the baby) and my son, who strongly dislikes writing, has taken it upon his shoulders to look up our new Bible verse and write it on our character trait/verse white board.
Thank you Carrie for following God's will/plan for your life! Through your families hard work we are being blessed.
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