If you are using "Bigger Hearts for His Glory", please share your experience with us.


Postby MamaMary » Sat Feb 23, 2008 7:50 pm

Oh My Goodness, I just ADORE this program. I love the memories it's helping me create with my son, I love the things "I" am learning as a 39 year old grown woman?!

I am using "Bigger" with a son who has special needs. He has significant Auditory Processing. I have never found a program that fit as well as HOD! Whether using it with my children w/ LD's or any of the others. HOD does an excellent job pulling your hearts into what your learning. It uses ALL of your children's senses. (visual, kinesthetic and auditory)

I have 3 children who learn visually and one who is very kinesthetic. I love that HOD can meet my needs.

I thought I would include some of our favorite experience/memories. As you see my Colton working on his art, know that this is his strength so we hit this section extra hard. As a homeschooler my goal is to make sure the basics are covered but to teach to my children's strengths.

Taught about mixing colors and how to layer a picture to make things seem closer or further.

Here he learned how to swirl the brush to make it appear a bit windy

Drying to show how colors "lighten" as they dry

Waa-La! Finished project! See, at first glance it looks like a simple art project but Carrie put purpose behind each step and I was able to build on that with the drying :D

Tracing the Continents

Cheerful Cursive! I LOVE it and so does Colton! It makes learning cursive fun :wink:

Carrie has each of the children make their own Science notebooks. He copied the low tide and high tide out of the "Small Square" book. Since we live minutes from the beach this was such a wonderful assignment.
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Postby blessedmomof4 » Sat Feb 23, 2008 7:56 pm

Thanks so much for sharing! I'm also learning with my kids at age 37 :P I can't add much more to what you have said, Mary, yuo have said it so well, that is exactly how I feel about this program. It works great for my kinesthetic learner who is coming a little slowly with reading (for whom I am beginning to suspect dyslexia because she recently said her eyes jump, or the words jump when she's reading :? ), and just as well for my auditory learner who is coming slowly with writing (but both are making real progress with this program!). I can meet their needs in both their strengths and weaknesses, because the program is so complete and so well thought-out, and I spend more time enjoying my time with them instead of preparing endlessly! I guess I did have somethig to add, after all :lol:
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