Combining 2nd and 5th

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Combining 2nd and 5th

Postby Lrfischman » Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:19 am

Hi, I thought to combine my 2 in preparing. But now am thinking best in Bigger but I'm not sure. Younger is 8 in december going in 2nd grade. Older just turned 10 going in 5th grade. Older was in school and has some catching up to do with reading and narrating. He also doesn't know much grammar. Younger has been homeschooled and knows nouns/verbs/punctuation... most likely similar to older child. Older child I'd about a 4th grade redding level ...younger is 3rd. Older can write cursive younger will be learning. Older is brilliant in math...younger is on grade level.
I really want to combine because I'll also have a K child and a newborn. I've looked at doing both preparing and bigger and there's no way I can balance it with doing a K program as well. I'll be reading all day. I also don't want them doing seperate sciences and activities. Just too much for me I know it.
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Re: Combining 2nd and 5th

Postby rumkimom » Tue Jun 28, 2016 12:53 pm

It is not recommended to do both Preparing and Bigger the same year as those 2 guides require the most teacher time. :shock:

I think it would be a good choice for you since you need to combine them this year. The older one can do the extension pack and get caught up. :)

Have you thought about using LHTH for K? It is a very gentle program. :) You could also use LHFHG for K (I used it for 1st). :) This past year I used LHFHG, Bigger and RTR. It takes about an 1-1.5 hrs to LHFHG done and 2-2.5 hrs to get Bigger done. Using those 2 together is very doable. :)
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