Bigger is Better!

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Bigger is Better!

Postby SamsMom268 » Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:17 pm

I wanted to share our story to give Carrie and Michael some well-earned praise. You see, we used HOD for several years including LHFHG and the follow up BLHFHG. I have one ds who is fairly advanced for his age. Let’s just say that he taught himself to read at age 3 1/2 and we’ve been steam rolling ahead since. It is a challenge for me to keep him challenged! About ½ way through Beyond, I found that my son could easily master the weekly material in three days. I felt that HOD wasn’t difficult enough for him. So, when it came time to order the next year’s curriculum, I jumped ship and bought a big box curriculum. After one month, I looked at my ds and asked, “Do you hate this?” He replied, “YES!” I took the big box curriculum up on their guarantee and sent it all back. But what to do next?

We both really enjoyed HOD in the past but… I contacted Carrie via email and was honest with her. With complete grace, she responded back with insightful guidance. It is easy to focus on the things that our kids are good at…and skim over the stuff that they are not interested in nor very skilled at. She advised that we take this year to work on some of the areas that my son didn’t excel at. She also explained that there was a significant jump between Beyond and Bigger. I followed Carrie’s advice and we had another awesome year with HOD.

I have seen my son improve greatly on his weaker areas and show steady progress in the areas he excels at. The material was interesting, challenging, and as always it left just enough wiggle room to add in an area of interest without extending our school day significantly. I now have Preparing settled on the bookshelf and can’t wait for Monday morning to arrive so we can dive into another successful year.

Thank you, Carrie and Michael, for being positive and encouraging and insightful. Thank you for producing such a quality product. And thank you for giving my son and me awesome stories to read, thoughtful questions to ponder, and a true love for our homeschooling journey!
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