Thanking God for LHFHG!

If you have used "Little Hearts for His Glory", please share your experience with us.

Thanking God for LHFHG!

Postby Mercy » Mon Jan 14, 2013 8:00 pm

I just wanted to take a moment to share how much Little Hearts For His Glory blessed us! I finished this guide with my middle daughter awhile back and realized I havent written to say how much we loved it! My daughter has a very quiet, independent way about her. When I first began using this curriculum she seemed to be struggling. I knew she was smart and could handle the material, but found myself frustrated that i was battling her daily. I wrote into the forum and received some nuggets of wisdom from Carrie that helped me so much! I realized, in a lot of respects, she just needed that daily routine and for me to just continue on. In time that battle would just drop off. Carries advice proved right. Not only has HOD helped me through regular school issues, but...This curriculum is amazing! It is fun! We did some great projects, which is right up my daughters ally. It was easy! Really. Just pick up and go! And most importantly... It has touched my daughters heart and effected her life for eternity. What else compares? I am so grateful to have found HOD! Could I just give her workbooks and never have had these battles? Probably yes. But I would have missed all the beautiful memories that I can never get back! Yes, it takes effort (not nearly as much as some other curriculums!) but THIS is what homeschooling is meant to be!!

Thank you Carrie (and Julie!) for all you do!!!
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Re: Thanking God for LHFHG!

Postby Carrie » Wed May 29, 2013 1:38 pm


I am so glad to hear this! What a blessing! :D Thanks so much for taking time to share. I really appreciate it!

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