Doubly blessed with LHTH second time around!

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Doubly blessed with LHTH second time around!

Postby moedertje » Tue Oct 05, 2010 8:44 pm

Once again my family was very blessed using LHTH. This was our second time with my second child and it was so exciting. :D going through it again. I was able to have my ds 5 savor the teaching moments and not rush through or skip any activities. Knowing how Carrie has build upon them in other guides. We did it at 1/2 pace for the first part and than went full pace when he was ready. :D
What drew me to LHTH in the first place was the biblical foundation and once again that was the biggest blessing this time around as well. Having the Lord woven throughout our activities was wonderful. Beginning with creation and building upon it with the fingerplays, dramatic plays, art etc.
It is such a complete pre-school program. My son went into it knowing how to sing his alphabet, recognizing 75% of the letters and knowing about 80% of the sounds.
He came out knowing them all and being to able to write his alphabet, ready for formal handwriting. Knowing his numbers, reading 2 digit numbers, skip counting like a pro, reading, cutting, listening, tracing, gluing etc. :D :D Ready for Kindergarten :P

My dd 3 is looking forward to doing it next year, she tagged along this year and picked up on Bible Stories, letter sounds with the finger plays, recognizing letters as she loved the letters on the floor, shapes, colors, counting, cutting etc. and just enjoyed being part of school. I know she and I will have a blast going through it together next year when she is 4 and it will be a sad day for Mom :cry: :cry: when I am done with it forever. I will probably use it at church for Children's Ministry as I have in the past and even last weekend :D :D

With saying good-bye, my ds was ecstatic to get his new books for his Kindergarten school. Especially his math books :wink: Way to go Singapore Math :!:

Thank you Carrie and your family for the blessing you are to my family and countless others. May the Lord bless you in return with increased wisdom as you write guides and as you guide us here on the board. May He bring comfort and peace into your home at the times that you are away writing and searching for curriculum. May the Lord's banner of love rest over your home, in Jesus name :!:
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In year 1 of homeschooling it all started with LHTH for us.
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Re: Doubly blessed with LHTH second time around!

Postby Carrie » Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:06 pm


I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed LHTH the second time around. We have found that as we're on our third time around with LHTH, we are enjoying it thoroughly as well. :D I love sharing the Bible stories with my little one and appreciate knowing that his learning is focused around them. It sounds like your little ones make great progress and that your son is ready for LHFHG. :D It is almost bittersweet to finish sometimes as it means that our little ones are growing up! :wink:

Thanks for sharing! My heart was encouraged by your post today!
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Re: Doubly blessed with LHTH second time around!

Postby Mom4Him » Wed Oct 06, 2010 7:21 pm

moedertje- What a wonderful, heartfelt testimony of your time using Little Hands!! I feel so much the same way! It will be sad when we no longer have LHTH at our house anymore!! What a blessed year you have had, & how exciting to be heading into LHFHG!! :D

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