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Week in Review: Feb 6 - Feb 10

PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 3:03 pm
by waterandclay
Ok Ladies,

What was YOUR week Like?

You can post:

a- A picture
b- A blog Link
c- A written synopsis
d- Your favorite memory
e- Anything you want that shares your HOD excitement!

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Re: Week in Review: Feb 6 - Feb 10

PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 3:05 pm
by waterandclay
We had another great week! The storytime books have been especially good in MtMM this year :)

CtC Unit 23 ... it-23.html

MtMM Unit 23 ... it-23.html

Re: Week in Review: Feb 6 - Feb 10

PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 4:37 pm
by my3sons
Preparing Hearts for His Glory:
Emmett's Common Place Book is being filled with wonderful quotes and meaningful Scriptures, and it is neat to see it 'grow' along with him! His cursive is becoming neater, though we still often need to correct capital letters such as "I", "T", and "F". Most of all though, I'm just so pleased to see how many Bible verses he is committing to memory, and he loves his special black leather book with gold edges :D ...

In Science, Emmett can now answer his questions independently, and he is learning to use the science book as a resource to correct his spelling...

In history, we have been studying how Christians were persecuted. As PHFHG is a World History guide that covers a large expanse of history chronologically, this difficult subject is taught but not with the detail it will be in later, more mature HOD guides. I am thankful for that. Emmett understands how Christians were persecuted at a level that he can take in for his age. He learned about Paul enduring beatings, prison, earthquakes, shipwrecks, and stonings, but he also learned about the spread of the Good News of Christ. PHFHG is true to history without causing nightmares for children. I am so thankful for the target age ranges noted in each guide, not only for academic purposes, but also for maturity levels. For history, Emmett made a lovely cross mosaic...

In science, Emmett has been reading "Find the Constellations." I love how science is tied to the Bible, and here he added to his booklet he is making by copying a relevant verse from Corinthians and drawing the solar system...

In creative writing, Emmett wrote about building his snow fort with his brothers. One thing I required this time was for him to use all of his prewritng ideas. We spend ample time on prewriting, preparing him to write each piece, and then he forgets to use them. He has gotten in the habit of writing just to rhyme. He's quite good at rhyming, but the content he comes up with in his prewriting activity is so much richer. He wasn't very happy about having to add in his prewriting ideas he omitted at the end. I think he thought I wouldn't really make him include all the ideas. I did this time. :wink: - though this mama does forget things often enough these days. The result was better, and I was proud of him!

In Christ,

Re: Week in Review: Feb 6 - Feb 10

PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 4:54 pm
by my3sons
Missions to Modern Marvels:
Riley has been learning about Bible translation in India, India and Palestine being partitioned, and Egypt rebelling. In Hero Tales, he read bout Chawnga Pudaite being converted to Christianity. His dream of having a Bible translated into his own language was fulfilled when his son, Rochunga, completed the translation and started Bibles of the World. What a powerful story! In the midst of Hinduism, this brave soul answered God's call and impacted so many for Christ! In Story of the World, Riley read about Ghandi's tragic death - that he was killed by a Hindu! For Worthy Words, we read a news article about Ghandi's death and discussed it. He made a chart that showed the findings of his research of the differing religions' beliefs. Very powerful and clear!

In Drawn into the Heart of Reading, Riley and Emmett completed their final project for the nonfiction genre. They had such fun! The chose the Godly character trait based project, and they carried different objects in their pockets to remind them of the traits they were trying to embody more. Obedience was one of them, and I did notice a difference! Many more 'yes,mom's" right away with smiles! :D They built a box and decorated it with their objects placed inside to remind them to continue to work on these Godly character traits. They really enjoyed decorating the box together and showing me!

His State Study continues to be such fun for Riley, and he is happy to have a 'journal' to keep track of all he learns. Likewise, he has been enjoying his Nature Study entries. Drawing and coloring have always been something Riley enjoys!

For grammar, Riley and I do most of it orally. We choose one section for him to write. R & S English is an outstanding grammar program, and though Riley doesn't love every moment of it, that isn't the purpose. It is not an 'inspirational' subject, as Charlotte Mason would say. It is a 'disciplinary' subject, and as such, must just be learned. He is getting better and better at it, and I am thankful for all he is learning!

In Christ,

Re: Week in Review: Feb 6 - Feb 10

PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 5:14 pm
by my3sons
USI High School:
Wyatt has been learning about General Grant, the surrender at Appomattox, and Lincoln's assassination. He likes all the different views of these events he gets from the varied history books he is reading - America: The Last Best Hope, Great Letters in American History, The Book of Heroes - such wonderful resources that together paint a full vivid picture of this time in history! Lincoln was so very quotable, and responding with notes to his quotes was part of one of Wyatt's assignments. His Book of Centuries continues to grow as well...

Wyatt continues to enjoy the depth of questions Constitutional Literacy includes. Research, readings, and critical thinking are all a part of this important elective. It goes hand in hand with his Government elective, which he is also enjoying immensely!

Chemistry has Wyatt using his bunsen burner, goggles, and chemicals I'm glad he can throw down the sink or in the garbage when he's done. He enjoys Dr. Jay Wile's narrative style of writing, and he is doing a good job logging his experiments...

For American Literature, Wyatt has been reading a play about Helen Keller and her teacher. He has learned so much! As my grandma was completely blind, I've had stories to share as well. He also began reading about The Gift of the Magi, as well as Mammon and the Archer. He is doing well with all of the multiple choice assessments, vocab questions, critical thinking questions, and thematic discussions - and they are fairly difficult! What I appreciate the most is he is reading high school level literature and still enjoying it, without being exposed to things I don't want him to be!

Gideon's Call is a book Wyatt just cannot put down! He is reading it for Living Library, and it has been so good that he often can hardly wait to keep reading. We have had such good discussions from this book, and it shows the difficulties that ensued after the Civil War...

For Bible, Wyatt is up to Revelation, and he took his quiz on it. He did so well! We also read and discussed "Stay in the Castle." I cried, of course. He teared up, which is not like him. That is a must read for understanding how precious purity is, and how important it is to wait for who God has chosen for you.

In Christ,

Re: Week in Review: Feb 6 - Feb 10

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 6:46 am
by lissiejo
Creation to Christ: Unit 3
Resurrection to Reformation: Unit 22
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