Question about DITHOR

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Question about DITHOR

Postby tkeller » Wed Jul 30, 2014 8:48 am

Hi everyone! I have a third grader age 8 who will be doing Bigger this year. He pretty firmly places in Preparing in every box except for Age, but i want to do Bigger this year with him so we don't hit the upper guides too early.

Anyway, I am wondering if you can do the level 4/5 book packs with the DITHOR 2/3 workbook? I only have the 2/3 workbook but his reading level is more on par with the 4/5 books. For instance he ha already read toothpaste millionaire and the scripture sleuth books both of which are on the 4/5.

Another question- so if he has already read those do I just pick out a book for him to read in that genre instead? Where do you all get good suggestions of alternate books?
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Re: Question about DITHOR

Postby MelInKansas » Tue Aug 05, 2014 3:17 am

You should ask this question over on the Main board because you'll get a lot more responses there (and that's where this belongs).

Yes you can use any level of books with any level of workbooks and if you are just starting DITHOR with an 8YO who happens to be a really good reader then 4/5 book pack with 2/3 student workbook is probably a good way to go. You may or may not want to have him read ALL of the reading to you as the 4/5 level books are longer and that could take a really long time. In the 4/5 student book and in the DITHOR teacher's guide it's usually suggested to have them read 3-4 pages of their daily amount to you and the rest to themselves. I have my DD (who is 9) read 1/3 to 1/2 of it to me because I think she still needs help with reading in general and I am still helping her with decoding the longer words. She is doing 4/5 books with the 4/5 student book but she already did the 2/3 level all the way through.

Yes, you can also use any books you like from that genre. The ones on the book lists are selected to be the right length and everything but you can use any books, so you could just substitute for the ones he has already read.
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