These optional book packs are for use with Level 6/7/8 of Drawn into the Heart of Reading. In this level, your child will read the chosen books mainly independently for a total of 15 days for each genre. Each book on the list below has an approximate reading level noting the grade and month next to it. Use this information to choose the set that best suits your child's reading level. Another option for this reading level, beside the one shown below, would be to use the Girl Interest or Boy Interest set from Creation to Christ. While these sets are meant to read-alouds, since they contain one or more books from each of the nine genres, they will also work with Drawn into the Heart of Reading. This option will only work if you do not plan to use these book sets as read-alouds when using Creation to Christ.

If these books seem too difficult, we also have book packs for Levels 5/6 Girl Interest and Level 5/6 Boy Interest. If these books seem too easy, you may choose your own books, or off our Sample Book Ideas List. Please keep in mind, these specific titles are not needed, but each book was very carefully chosen as an excellent reading selection for the noted reading level.

Our book sets were created to save you time and to help you find quality books at the right reading level. This is one of the keys to a successful reading experience for your child. You are welcome to use your own book selections if you prefer. Drawn into the Heart of Reading truly works with any books you choose.

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Range of Reading Levels: 6.0 - 7.3


Book Description
Behind Rebel Lines By Seymour Reit
Reading Level: 6.0, List Price: $7.99
Suggested number of days to read: 10 days
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The true story of a Civil War spy who fooled the rebels - and her own troops. In 1861, when war erupted between the states, President Lincoln made an impassioned plea for volunteers. Determined not to remain on the sidelines, Emma Edmonds cropped her hair, donned men'sclothing, and enlisted in the Union Army. Everyone, even her fellow soldiers, thought she was a man.

But Emma wanted to do more. When she heard a key Union spy had been captured and executed, she volunteered to take his place. Soon she was a cunning master of disguise, risking discovery and death at every turn. Emma had fooled her own army but could she keep her secret behind enemy lines? 144 Pages.

Note: A derogatory term is used in reference to Emma's supposed ethnicity once in the book.

America's Paul Revere By Esther Forbes
Reading Level: 6.6, List Price: $12.95
Suggested number of days to read: 5 days
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The inspiration for America's Paul Revere came to Lynd Ward one day while he was reading Esther Forbes's Pulitzer Prize-winning biography, Paul Revere And The World He Lived In. Mr Ward began to wonder if there could not be books for younger children that would, through words and pictures, recreate American history and portray the men who have helped make this country great. As Ward thought about Paul Revere's life, illustrations for such a book took shape in his mind, and he finally decided to approach the publishers of Paul Revere and the World He Lived In with his plan for a children's book. 48 Pages.

The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge
Reading Level: 6.8, List Price: $7.99
Suggested number of days to read: 15 days
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The beautiful valley of Moonacre is shadowed by the memory of the Moon Princess and the mysterious little white horse. When orphan Maria Merryweather comes to live at Moonacre Manor she finds herself involved with an ancient feud. She is determined to restore peace and happiness to the whole of Moonacre Valley, and Maria usually gets her own way! While seeming at first glance like a book for girls, I must admit that the adventurous and mysterious atmosphere of this story kept my boys interested and guessing to the very end! 240 Pages.

Tom's Midnight Garden
By Philippa Pearce
Reading Level: 6.3, List Price: $7.99
Suggested number of days to read: 15 days
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Tom is furious. His brother, Peter, has measles, so now Tom is being shipped off to stay with Aunt Gwen and Uncle Alan in their boring old apartment. There'll be nothing to do there and no one to play with. Tom just counts the days till he can return home to Peter. Then one night the landlady's antique grandfather clock strikes thirteen times leading Tom to a wonderful discovery, marking the beginning of a secret that's almost too amazing to be true. But it is true, and in the new world that Tom discovers is a special friend named Hatty and more than a summer's worth of adventure for both of them. Now Tom wishes he could stay with his relatives and Hatty -- forever ... 240 Pages.

Historical Fiction
Shades of Gray By Carolyn Reeder
Reading Level: 6.1, List Price $7.99
Number of days to read: 15 days
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The Civil War may be over, but for twelve-year-old Will Page, the pain and bitterness haven't ended. How could they have, when the Yankees were responsible for the deaths of everyone in his entire immediate family? And now Will has to leave his comfortable home in the Shenandoah Valley and live with relatives he has never met, people struggling to eke out a living on their farm in the war-torn Virginia Piedmont. But the worst of it is that Will's uncle Jed had refused to fight for the Confederacy.

At first, Will regards his uncle as a traitor -- or at least a coward. But as they work side by side, Will begins to respect the man. And when he sees his uncle stand up for what he believes in, Will realizes that he must rethink his definition of honor and courage.

The Black Stallion Mystery By Walter Farley
Reading Level: 6.1, List Price $6.99
Suggested number of days to read: 15 days
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Alec is baffled by three colts that arrive for sale from Spain. They look so much like his horse that Alec is sure they have the same sire as the Black. But that can't be true because the stallion who sired the Black died years ago in Arabia. Or did he? In search of the answer, Alec and the Black begin a dangerous journey.

In Spain they meet the three colts' eccentric owner, Angel Gonzalez, who takes them to a remote mountain stronghold of an Arab sheik. The sheik insists he's seen the Black's sire running free in the mountains, and he wants Alec and the Black to catch him. Yet, Alec is suspicious. He thinks the whole story is nothing more than an elaborate plot to lure him and the Black to this desolate place. But why?? You'll have to read this thrilling mystery to find the answers, and it will leave you guessing until the very end!

Folk Tales
A Basket of Flowers by Christoph Von Schmid
Reading Level: 7.3, List Price: $7.99
Suggested number of days to read: 10 days
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Mary grows up sheltered and secure in a beautiful cottage with a loving father. She learns lessons about humility, purity and forgiveness under her father's watchful gaze. However, it doesn't last. Even though she loves God and obeys him this does not protect her ultimately from the envy and hatred of others. Mary is given a generous gift of a new dress from her friend Amelia, the daughter of the local landowner. This incites envy from Juliette, Amelia's maid who had wanted the dress for herself.

When Amelia's mother's ring goes missing Juliette decides to pass the blame onto Mary. Both Mary and her father are imprisoned for the crime and eventually exiled from their home. Mary learns to trust in God completely as difficulty follows after difficulty. Even when she doubts if she will ever clear her name she turns back to God who is a constant source of comfort to her. Who did steal the ring in the end? That is the final unexpected twist in the tale, which makes this book a really good read.

The White Dove By Christoph von Schmid
Reading Level: 7.0, List Price: $14.00
Suggested number of days to read: 5 days
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Filled with the intrigue of knights and nobles, thieves and robbers, this is a story of friendship and sacrifice. A little girl agrees to give up her precious white dove to prove her friendship, and lives are miraculously saved. Written in 1841, The White Dove is part of the Fireside Collection (which is comprised of 81 Lamplighter Publishing books that include stories that Lamplighter selected to be the best for family reading, devotions, and bedtime stories.) 80 Pages.

Non Fiction
Eyewitness to Titanic by Sean Stewart Price
Reading Level: 6.4, List Price: $9.95
Suggested number of days to read: 10 days
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View the story of the doomed ship Titanic through the eyes of those who knew it best. Builders, crew members, passengers, and explorers who discovered the wreck each have their own perspectives. Feel the pride of builders as they put the final touches on the grand staircase and the deep sadness of survivors who left loved ones behind. It’s the story of the Titanic like you’ve never heard it before.

Immigrant Kids by Russell Freedman
Reading Level: 6.9, List Price: $8.99
Suggested number of days to read: 5 days
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If your family came to America 100 years ago, what would your life be like?

America meant "freedom" to the immigrants of the early 1900s - but a freedom very different from what they expected. The cities were crowded. Jobs were scarce. Children had to work selling newspapers, delivering goods, and laboring in sweatshops. In this unique book, Newbery Medalist Russell Freeman offers a rare glimpse of what it meant to be a young newcomer to America. 72 Pages.

That Quail, Robert By Margaret A. Stanger
Reading Level: 6.8, List Price $10.00
Suggested number of days: 15 days
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Who would have thought that from an abandoned quail's egg so much personality and affection would hatch out? Yet that is precisely what happened on Cape Cod back in 1962, as chronicled with love and honesty by the author. What happens when the human world becomes a substitute for nature? Is the orphaned wild creature better off with its own kind, or with an adoptive family of a different species? Readers must judge for themselves in this charming tale about a delightful female quail, misnamed Robert.

Written with humor by an observant neighbor, who became Robert's Aunt and longterm hostess, this slim volume is a gem about surprising family adjustments. Human emotions seem to have rubbed off on this impressionable birdling, who rapidly becomes a member of the family--even to requiring babysitters. You will chuckle and weep over her antics and trials. How human can a bird get? Once you spend some quality time with personable and endearing Robert, you will know the truth for yourself!

Realistic Fiction
Just David By Eleanor H. Porter
Reading Level: 6.2, List Price $8.99
Suggested number of days to read: 15 days
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Just David is about a 10-year old boy who had been raised "differently" in isolation with his father on top of a mountain. They lived simply and fully until his father's illness forced them back to civilization. Before they could make it to their intended destination, however, the father passes away leaving David with strangers who don't quite understand this young man who plays his emotions on his violin. This is an interesting story of a young boy raised to know only good, yet as the story unfolds he encounters injustice, poverty, sadness, dashed hopes, and many other things that mar the natural beauty of God's creation.

But David is a boy who lives in the moment! He misses nothing - except that he never knew his father's name and those who find the father's note on his body cannot make out his signature. So David stays with the farmer and his wife on whose land his father died. By the time they figure out who he is, he has touched and changed the lives of those around him forever! An unlikely hero, David is a gem and you'll shed a few tears at the end. It may even cause you to look at the world through David's eyes to truly see all the beautiful things around you.

Note: This book does use the word 'gosh' on 8 different occasions, which you will likely wish to white out. However, the message in the story makes it worth reading, leaving the reader pondering the meaning long after the book is done. It's a wonderful story of a young boy, his father, and a journey into life.